airbag ecu

We are now able to repair and clear your blown Airbag Module (Airbag ECU as it is sometimes called) of the crash data that is stored as a result of an accident. We clear both the fault and crash codes so that you can re-use your original airbag control module as if it were a new unit. This will save you money in your overall vehicle repair costs. We can clear/reset 99% of the airbag ECU’s on the market today.

If your car airbag system has any of the following symptoms then we may be able to help:

  • If your airbags deployed
  • If your airbag light is flashing or constantly on
  • If your diagnostic tool is reading CRASH DATA STORED , ECU ERROR or DTC 65535 in the airbag computer
  • Airbag errors due to a discharged or flat battery and/or by jump starting attempts

Even if you have not had a accident and for whatever reason, your vehicle indicates an airbag system
fault then this can be a internal airbag control unit error.

This services costs £25+VAT. Will require for you to have the ECU removed. £50+VAT if we have to remove the ECU.