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Are you seeing a combination of the below warning lights on your dashboard?   If so, you most likely have a DPF problem. (Symptoms: vehicle in limp mode: Power Reduction). Your vehicle will need to have the DPF replaced or removed. To be sure you have a DPF problem visit or us for a free diagnostic check.




DPFMaP is tuned to bypass the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) process that the engine goes through.

A common sight these days Is the DPF warning light on the dashboard Due to the working nature of the DPF it needs replacing approximately every 5 years and due to the cost of the filter and its installation this makes it an expensive repair job with vehicles costs starting from £1000 – £2000.

We have the solution to suit your budget. Along with removing the filter from your system and by editing the map within the ecu we can bypass the commands used to communicate with the DPF hence making it obsolete from the system. You can also choose to add one of our performance/economy remaps along with the DPF removal remap for just a small extra fee.

So you end up with a vehicle with no more DPF problems at a fraction of the price of a replacement DPF.

Average procedure is displayed below, with an average cost of £400 or £500 if your ECU needs to be accessed on the bench.

1. Vehicle is tested via a diagnostics tool.
2. Fault Codes Deleted.
3. DPF Regenerated – Values Reset.
4. DPF exhaust pipe removed from vehicle.
5. DPF filter removed and exhaust sealed, and installed back on vehicle.
6. Vehicle programmed with DPF deleted (via OBD or Bench).
7. Road Test.
8. Vehicle is re-tested via a diagnostics tool.

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