ECU Remapping Service Birmingham
We offer a ECU remap remapping service in Birmingham, for Cars, 4×4’s, MPV’s, Vans, Bikes, Trucks, Tractors and Boats.



Not every Remap service provider offers such a large coverage like ours. All our remapped files are produced on a rolling road, which tests the vehicle through different stages and performance levels. You have a 7 day money back guarantee. Not happy get a full refund, and your vehicle’s original map restored.

ECU Remap, well the ECU stands for “Engine Control Unit” this is the control unit for the engine, mostly found underneath the bonnet of a vehicle. Stored in the ECU are various functions and information that is needed for the engine to run correctly. Also in this ECU are what vehicle technicians call “maps”. There are a range of different maps in the ECU that control, fuel, air, sensors etc… It is these maps that are changed, according to your needs. Hence the term “ECU Remapping”.

There are various reasons why you would require this service, see below.

  • Economize on fuel (more miles to the gallon)
  • Increase performance (more power)
  • Hybrid Remap (Power and Economy)
  • DPF Removal (manual work is also required to remove the DPF)
  • AdBlue Removal (for trucks)
  • Add or Remove Speed Limiter
  • EGR Bypass

Motor Diagnostics offer all these services and in some cases a mixture of the services.

ECOMaP is tuned to economize on fuel giving you more miles to the gallon saving you money and keeps your carbon footprint down. You can benefit from 20% more fuel efficiency.
POWERMaP is tuned to apply more power, greater torque, enhanced throttle response, smoother and more progressive delivery of power which is all reliable and safe. Up to 35% more power and torque.
HYBRIDMaP is a blend of an ECOMaP and POWERMaP. Designed for customers who want the best of both worlds.
DPFMaP is tuned to bypass the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) process that the engine goes through.
ADBLUEMaP is tuned to bypass the AdBlue process that a truck engine goes through.
The EGRMaP is tuned to bypass the EGR Valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). This is required when your EGR Valve gets clogged up with exhaust deposits.
The LIMITERMaP is tuned to apply limits to engine speed, prevents the user of the vehicle reaching high speeds. We can also remove limits.

Important Information
Before we carry out an ECU Remap, we require the Engine and relevant connected items to have no faults, in other words the vehicle needs to be tested with a diagnostic computer to check if there are any faults. As remapping a vehicle with faults is just asking for trouble.

Step by Step – What we do when remapping

  1. You choose a product or a combination of products
  2. Check if vehicle has diagnostic faults. We will refuse to remap vehicles with serious faults like e.g over heating, cam sensor faults
  3. Road test, with us or customer driving. (we may refuse to remap a vehicle that is not mechanically healthy)
  4. Pay for your product(s)
  5. Vehicle is brought inside for remapping customers are not allowed inside the unit, but you can view the work being carried out in our reception area, with our CCTV system.
  6. Remaps are either performed by reading and writing through the OBD (on-board diagnostics) port, or removing the ECU from the car and accessing the circuit board on a bench.
  7. For Performance Remaps weather standalone or mixed with another service, we offer a performance lubricant change addon for the engine. Products supplied by BG Products.
  8. Recheck vehicle for faults with diagnostic computer (within the remap price)
  9. Road test with customer driving. (for bikes your on your own)
  10. At this point if customer is not happy, we can refund full amount.
  11. Last diagnostic check, after road test. (within the remap price)
  12. 28 days later Diagnostic Test (after sales test, within price)

There are two ways in how remapping an ECU is achieved. Please see below.



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