Nissan Specialist Birmingham

Nissan Specialist Birmingham
Motor Diagnostics (Nissan Specialist Birmingham). First of all we use a professional diagnostic tool for Nissan cars furthermore this tool can work with vehicles from different countries including Europe,  Japan and North America. Our equipment also has various functions including simultaneous self-diagnosis of an entire vehicle system, as a result ECU’s can be read and faults deleted if needed. We take pride in diagnostics and vehicle electronics. We have the ability to program all ECU’s and perform software updates. All updates are direct from the manufacturer. We can program old ECUs and modules to a vehicle.

Motor Diagnostics always have up to date software to read and repair your nissan. Our staff are well trained and take on regular courses provided by the manufacturer. Currently seven staff members that are trained to carry out vehicle diagnostics and repair procedures which include programming. Most of all we like Repairing none starting vehicles and vehicles with missing control modules no job too small for Motor Diagnostics.

We offer:


– Diagnostics
– Coding
– Programming
– Remapping
– Demapping (Factory Default)
– Fault Finding and Removal


-Encoding and programming


– Removal
– Replace
– Regenerate


– Coding
– Replacements
– Altering Memory Functions

Theft Protection


Mechanical Repairs

Dealer Diagnostic Tool
Nissan Specialist Birmingham

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